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La Salle Academy Advisory Board Paul Ould was nominated and accepted to become CORMSAA’s representative.   Forum of RI and MPJP School Authorities (and/or their school Principals and Boards) Oct 2023 Key topics include Ochre Education Resources, Governance/Service fee understandings for AMPJP governing bodies, follow up to the implementation of
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Just a couple of weeks into the job, things are moving very quickly. I attended the meeting of the Council of the AMPJP as an observer before starting in the role, and it was interesting to see the breadth of activity covered by the Association, including collaboration with Australian Catholic
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The Annual General Meeting and Dinner of the AMPJP were held at the Treacy Centre in Melbourne on Aug 20. There were 55 attendees from all the MPJPs in Australia and the two Associates which are yet to gain AMPJP status. AMPJP Chair Moira Najdecki led the AGM where various
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Moira Najdecki, AMPJP Council Chair said:   The AMPJP is delighted to announce that Martin Teulan will commence as Executive Director on 14th August 2023. Martin comes with a wealth of experience both within and beyond the Church. Martin has extensive employment experience with Catholic and other for-purpose organisations, including National
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 AMPJP audited financial reports Auditors, Pitcher Partners assured the Council the financial reports and practices at AMPJP meet the required standard. The Council authorised the signing of the relevant financial documents in preparation for the AGM.   AMPJP Annual Report The AMPJP Council approved the Annual Report for 2022-2023. It
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Australia’s Catholic bishops have called on the nation to seek “a new engagement” with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in their annual Social Justice Statement being launched today. Source: ACBC Media Blog. Since the 1940s, the bishops have published annual statements that urge the Catholic community to reflect and act
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For me, July  started in Perth with the final State-based MPJP Canonical Stewards Wisdom Circle for 2023. It amazes me that more MPJP Canonical Stewards don’t attend these gatherings. They are only two hours long, the travel is minimal and most of all the discussion, prayer and networking is rich.
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Recently, a small group of people who have commenced in the role of  MPJP Canonical Steward since January 2022 met online. Participants included: Francis Moore (St John of Goad Australia), Beth Gilligan (EREA) and Paul Linossier (Mercy Ministry Companions). The meeting included:   hearing about AMPJP and other resources;  
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On 10 July 2023, the Holy See announced the appointment of more than 450 participants to the Synod, including – for the first time – voting members from religious men and women and lay people from around the world.   Of the voting members appointed, more than a
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The fourth and final of this years Wisdom Circle gatherings was held in Perth on 05 July 2023. Tony Wheeler attended as alumni and shared his experience of governance at Mercy Care.     Photo:  Frank Cooper (St John of God Australia), Rev Joe Parkinson (St John of God Australia), Tony Wheeler
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