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Thes text below is from the Australian Catholic Bishop Conference, 28 January 2021 New Church protocol published for responding to sexual abuse   A new protocol to be introduced next week provides a framework for Catholic entities across Australia to respond consistently to people raising concerns or allegations of child
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Emerging as a more equitable and caring Nation after COVID-19   We find ourselves pondering whether Australia will ever be the same after COVID-19? It might be more useful to ask whether it should be the same after the pandemic. Australia can continue to learn from the challenges of the
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The following article by Rev Justin Stanwix was published by La Croix International  on 23 January 2021. A major new Sunday celebration awaits Catholics this year. It will be a reminder that after 55 years, Dei Verbum — the document on Divine Revelation that the Second Vatican Council issued in
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Before thinking ahead to 2021, I want to take stock of the year that has just ended. COVID-19 and the resulting social restrictions forced us to cancel our August 2020 full-day face-to-face forum. Rather than replacing the forum with one long videoconference, we held a series of 60 or 90
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For many years NATSICC has received requests for assistance to bridge the cultural gaps between remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and Priests working in those communities.   The Council would usually respond to those requests on an individual basis – by either visiting, talking on the phone or
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AMPJP Executive Officer, Lawrie Hallinan, will take a fortnight’s holiday over the Christmas period. He will finish work at 5.00pm on Wednesday 23 Dec 2020 and return to work 8.30am on Wednesday 06 Jan 2021. Nativity Scene image above courtesy of NATSICC The painting is a celebration of Jesus Christ
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In 2021, Professor Marea Nicholson AM will replace Catherine Slattery sgs as the Commissioner from Religious Institute/Ministerial PJP School Authorities (RI/MPJP) on the National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC). Professor Marea Nicholson AM said: It is an honour to follow in the footsteps of Catherine Slattery sgs. For many years, Catherine
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The AMPJP is proud to join ACBC and CRA as the Members of Australian Catholic Safeguarding as detailed in the media release below:
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Amongst the usual busyness of AMPJP work, there were two events in November that stand out. The approval of the draft AMPJP Formation Framework  enables all MPJPs to assess the working group’s attempt to synthesise existing MPJP formation frameworks in a form that could be used by many as a
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The Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea (The Sisters) is continuing with its preparation to transfer responsibility for its ministries to a Ministerial PJP. These ministries include: hospitals, health services, aged care, schools/education services and children’s, family and community services.  The Sisters have consulted with
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