Executive Officer’s Report – June 2020

29 June 2020 by

Even in the middle of winter there are occasional blue skies and blossoms.

There were two major projects that occupied my time in June 2020. As well as keeping me busy they also helped me to see our growth and progress as an Association.

Preparing for the 16 June AMPJP Council meeting involved writing the various papers and then completing the minutes. Like most of our meetings over the past three months, the Council meeting was via ZOOM. Prior to ZOOM our online meetings were via teleconference and I know that people now prefer the video option as it easy easier to engage in the meeting when we can see each other.

The other major project was seeking nominations for the AMPJP’s Committee of Religious Institute and Ministerial PJPs School Authorities (CORMSAA). Since January 2020, AMPJP Council Deputy Chair, Moira Najdecki and I have regularly emailed Religious Institute and Ministerial PJPs School Authorities to seek their views on the CORMSAA Terms of Reference and then to invite them to nominate for the committee. I was delighted that we had more nominations than places available. This enabled the AMPJP Council to select a number of highly qualified people who collectively gave us a balance of male/female, Religious Institute/Ministerial PJP and with representation from across all States/Territories. I look forward to the Committee’s first ZOOM meeting in July 2020.




The journey to union with God is not a matter of a few good resolutions or a plan of life;

it is a process of a lifelong and intense conversion and transformation of the whole person.

This is the call to all believers, the call to holiness as a life of full-hearted love of God and others.




Quote from Susan Rakoczy (Great Mystics and Social Justice; Walking on the Two Feet of Love)


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